For the first time, Comcast Xfinity Home service is available with X1 video. The benefits of this are quite obvious when you realize just how much money you will save by not having to rent a separate set of equipment to run the cable system. Comcast is offering you a free lifetime modem rental for their new Xfinity Home computer and digital TV service.

What that means is that you don’t have to pay an additional bill to get that perfect laptop or gaming console!

Other deals are also available with Comcast. You can save up to twenty percent off the cost of your television, if you sign up with them for five years. You can also sign up for more than one entertainment package at a discounted rate.

The really cool thing about Comcast Xfinity Home is that it is all powered by the internet. You don’t need to have an antenna in order to receive programming over the internet. The package is so cheap because it includes a solid cable modem, a router, and a high speed internet connection.

Comcast does offer monthly service plans. With the Starter program you get unlimited downloads and one guest modem. That means you don’t have to worry about whether or not you can afford the monthly bills, and you can leave those to the professionals.

If you want the reliability of monthly service you can get the Unlimited plan. You get three guests, and it includes unlimited downloads to and from the internet, the ability to add in more software and programs to your home entertainment, and the ability to watch videos on any of your computers. Again, all of that comes with a minimum charge of five dollars per month.

At certain locations the installation process is a little more involved than others. So ifyou want to make sure you are going to be able to install the equipment yourself, the installers will come out and take pictures of the areas where you want to have it installed.

You can find out more information about Comcast Xfinity Home by visiting their site. Or call them at 800-231-7464 for more information.